Theresa Losa

Theresa Losa

Theresa Losa grew up on the Jersey shore, with a great love for the beach.  She developed a passion and a gift for art and design at a very young age.  Both her grandmother and her great-grandmother were artists.  Her great-grandmother, Mary O’Leary, a noted artist in the New England region, is known for her white-on-white still lifes.

Theresa pursued art training at local colleges, and worked as a visual designer at Nordstrom’s for five years.  She then went on to becoming a wife, mother to three boys, and a baby girl!  Her own home is filled with personal pieces, warm textures, and soothing colors.

It is no surprise that Theresa’s most recent series, “Beach People”, has been met with such prodigious response. Theresa refers to these pieces as modern impressionist with a folk twist, inspired by the use of simple color, patterns, design, and coastal seascapes. Art lovers have described her art as, “whimsical”, “colorful”, “dreamy”, “soothing”, and art that “makes them feel happy”.  Her pieces have found a special place in the hearts and homes of those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Many have purchased several pieces from Theresa, and all have expressed that her paintings have given them revived feelings of hope, happiness, and peace.